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Welcome to Daz and Kym On The Net.

This is our personal site for us to share our photos and favorite recipes, favorite restaurants and haunts, places we've been & discovered.

What's New


Well, we are home after a fantastic trip away.

Unfortunately the travel journal is some way behind - with a combination of squeezing too much into our days, dodgy internet connections (Or no internet at all) as well as battling with some low life that decided that the comments section was the place to target with an automated script to fill up our comments with garbage and links to porn sites, there have been some delays!

We are planning however to finish off the journal, as we are going to put it together along with a selection of photos from the trip to create ourselves a coffee table book as a momento of the trip. Once we get further along with this, we'll let people know in case they would also like a copy.

If you read this, and are interested, let us know so we know who to contact when we get closer to the finished project.

What's Up Lately


We've added a new 'Contact Us' area that can be used to keep in touch with us while we are away.

Once you login, a new menu choice (up on the top right side) will show up to the right of 'Journal' just above the 'Logout' link to take you to the 'Contact Us' page.

Also, we still seem to be having sporadic issues with the automatic notification emails when we publish journal entries and account creations. So, make sure you check your junk email folder to see if the emails we are sending aren't turning up there instead of your inbox. Of course, all of our test emails are getting through - which makes figuring out if there is or isn't a problem that much harder!


We've switched our host provider this weekend due to our current host provider basically not really providing.

We had an outage pretty well all day Saturday, with zero response. I took the opportunity to take a good hard look at the company I was using, and found that where they were once the king of the heap as far as hosting went, they've really dropped the ball seriously in the last six months.

A pleasant side effect of the transition has been the discovery that the new hosting provider is substantially faster, meaning that these pages should load a *lot* quicker now.


The Journal is now 'live' with the first of our planning for our up coming Italy trip.

We've added a few Google Earth files that you can download to the latest journal entries so that you can get an idea of where we're planning to travel, and places we're planning on getting to. These are either links or small pictures that have the Google Earth logo that you can click on. You'll then be asked if you want to download them, or open them in Google Earth - if you have Google Earth installed.


We've had a revamp and a restyle, as you may have noticed. We've taken the opportunity to get rid of some of the old pages, added a new 'Journal' page and given the place a good cleanup & new coat of paint.

The new Journal page isn't currently live, but soon you'll start to see journal entries for our upcoming trip to Italy. One of the cool little features we're currently working on for the Journal is the notification system - essentially those of you who have signed up for an account will be automatically notified via email when a new entry is added to the Journal. If you've been here before & have been unable to obtain your password to login (we had some problems with the old site & the user management side of things) then please, drop us a line, or set yourself up again.

New photos are up. These are more shots from the wedding 'Friends and Family'.  As many photos as I could get that feature all our friends and family.  I've had to split the 'Friends and Family' album into 2 - we've got so many photo's! 'Friends and Family 2' has mostly photos from the disposable camera's.  These are the more 'candid' shots from the day/night!  You need to be a member to be able to access these two new albums.
We've added some new recipes to the Whats Cooking section. I've also been a bit busy & have added some fancy stuff to some of the photos in the Greece 2006 photo album. Some photos have been marked with the location where the photo was taken. These photos will have a button you can click below the picture that will pop up a little map to show you where the the photo was taken.